By Margarita Hirapetian

Artist Jenn Covey’s amazing work with hair will make you do a double take. Her avant-garde and elaborate creations are truly something to behold, and completely unforgettable. Jenn is skilled in creating a variety of hairstyles, and has always been passionate about hair and hair products. In fact, Jenn says that since she was little she would save her own money just so she could buy professional hair products. On top of that, she’s been styling her own hair since the first grade. That’s not something you would expect from every first grader, that’s for certain. It’s no wonder that she has reached the heights she has, considering her passion can be traced to when she was only six! Jenn further admits she always loved creating different hairstyles on her dolls, Barbies, and sisters. However, she didn’t really think she’d be doing hair as a career until she was 25 years old. That’s when she decided to enroll at the Paul Mitchell School in Costa Mesa, and the rest is history, as they say.

Currently, Jenn works at Studio 700 in Corona, CA, which is a Top 200 salon in North America, and was voted the best salon in the Inland Empire. Jenn herself was voted a Eufora Stylist of the Year. Her credentials are very impressive, but even if you didn’t know about her many awards, one look at her work and you’d realize that she’s incredibly talented. In addition to having the skills to get your color and cut just right, Jenn creates towering, elaborate hairdos that are sometimes embellished with colorful pieces of fabric and even antlers. It makes for a look that is truly unique and striking! 

Jenn finds inspiration from a variety of places, including art, fashion, education, and mentors, although she also says, “I feel inspiration can be found anywhere your eyes want to see.” She elaborates, “Education is so important to keep inspired. I feel as an artist you always find something to gain in every class you take to elevate yourself. Always a student, never a master. Mentors are so important because they push you out of your box and they also give you the corrective criticism that grows you into becoming a better artist. Fashion is so inspiring because there is so much artistic beauty and creativeness that speaks to me. Art is always inspiring because I find you can find something to inspire off every artist.” Having a multitude of inspirational forces is important for Jenn, whose work spans the everyday looks that you would want to rock on the regular to some whimsically magical styles that wouldn’t look out of place on a fairy tale princess. She can truly do it all. 

Some might think hair is easy to work with, but that’s not always the case. Like any artist, Jenn has suffered from the occasional creative block. But when that happens she arms herself with different pieces and props and lets her creative energy flow. She explains, “I take myself on a field trip to find inspiration.” Despite these challenges, Jenn loves her job because of the way she makes a guest feel when they walk out of the salon. Hairstylists are sometimes unsung heroes. Many people can relate to the fact that a stylist is someone that not only makes you look and feel beautiful, but onto whom you can unburden yourself. Jenn acknowledges that helping someone get “through a tough time” is a very rewarding and worthy aspect of her work. Furthermore, she mentions that having a trade that can give back to charities and communities is a “special gift.” She adds, “Helping others is so rewarding and also being an educator for a company named Eufora. I feel blessed I get to travel and educate other stylists. I always learn something new myself every class I teach.” Jenn also says that when it comes to hairdressing, “if you love your job you never work a day in your life.”

As a prolific and in-demand hairdresser, Jenn has her finger on the pulse of hair trends. She notes that a lot of times in hairdressing, “anything that is old becomes new…somehow in some way a style comes back just in a slightly more innovative way.” Jenn especially loves creating updos and credits her mother with making her go to floral arrangement classes in the 1990s. Jenn says, “I really think that’s why they come so easy to me. It taught me balance and placements.” You might not think floral arrangements and hairstyling go hand-in-hand, but it makes sense!

Jenn’s goals as she looks toward the future include doing more photo shoots where she can really let her creativity shine and collaborations with other inspiring artists. Follow Jenn on Instagram (@jenncovey4) if you want your feed to be enhanced by gorgeous curls, intricate braids, vibrant colors, and teased and embellished creations that would be perfect on any runway or for any photo shoot.