By Margarita Hirapetian


Jewelry artist Jackie Min makes incredible statement pieces that you won’t soon forget. If you’re the type who wants to make a statement as well, you should absolutely adorn yourself with Jackie’s amazing and gorgeous earrings, brooches, rings, and necklaces. Her work has a fluid appearance, with the metals she uses taking on organic shapes, almost like they’re melting. With a lot of her inspiration coming from nature, it’s no surprise to see her work evoking the natural world itself. One particularly beautiful piece is a gold two-finger ring featuring an undulating, wavy texture and a bright blue stone serving as the focal point. It’s a head-turner. 


Born and raised in Korea, Jackie majored in fiber arts and ceramics in her home country. During her early years in college, she used to sell jewelry online as a hobby for five years. This is also when she became interested in metal-smithing. She says, “The main reason I wanted to learn metal crafts was that I wanted to make things myself rather than looking for what I wanted.” Further interested in expanding her practice, she made the decision to study jewelry at Pratt Institute in New York, graduating in May 2019. With two Bachelors in Fine Arts, she says, “I like to combine the soft and malleable materials and the durability of metal.”


Jackie explains that much of her inspiration simply comes from her daily life. The things that she experiences, thinks, wants, sees -- and her emotions towards them. Here’s what she means: “For example, the works on my page are mainly inspired by nature, however, the meaning underneath the pieces are intimately connected with my memories of changing residence across many years. The motifs of the collection called “Dream Tour” are iconic places in the world. Living in undesirable places and unable to travel made me want to escape from reality and long to reach a new world. Like this, my artwork was made to satisfy my passion and further I hope to invite viewers to share my satisfaction who have the same situation as I.” This is such a lovely sentiment. Most people can relate to the feeling of wanting to escape or at least to change their circumstances. Knowing the meaning behind Jackie’s work can certainly make one feel that connection with her as a kindred spirit. 



When it comes to nature, Jackie is very passionate about it because “nature changes every moment. It never shows the same scenery.” It’s this “coexistence of permanence and instantaneity” that really impresses Jackie as an artist. Nature also helps her expand her mind and be even more creative. She explains, “When I observe it well, numerous patterns and colors in nature allow me to constantly inspire and see a new thing. I want to present the awe and relief that I feel from nature to the people who buy my work.” Though she is obviously competent and supremely talented, Jackie sometimes faces the challenge of finding her “own unique style.” This is the main thread of all the features in her work. She says, “Many unique materials and techniques have already been discovered. Now I am aiming to reinterpret the characteristics of the things I am given and develop them to my own advantage.”


However, although challenges may arise, Jackie is always striving for more and succeeding too: “I am obsessed with sophisticated details and small components as I am also fascinated with colorful gemstones. I really enjoy making small settings as you can see in my pieces. In addition, I am interested in using alternative materials, so I like considering how to combine wood, plastic, resin, shells, and fabrics with metal.” A more recent obstacle is jewelry rendering using computer programs. Jackie says that she is continuing her studies to digitize her previous work and also create new work, even though she admits that she is having a hard time. Still, there’s no doubt she will conquer this new problem like she has done everything else.


Jackie’s work doesn’t stop once she has crafted a piece. She wants to evoke emotions in her customers and “give people the comfort and freedom from reality by inviting them to my place through jewelry.” She elaborates, “My main intention is to share my feelings and experiences with others, even though it is not through nature. I wish that the people who buy my work would sympathize with me, be comforted, and be able to fulfill their emotional satisfaction.”



As for the future, Jackie is focused on launching her brand and opening her own shop, while always continuing to study further and improve her craft. Support her by following her on Instagram (@jkie_min) and visiting her website ( to see more of her stunning work. If you’re in the area, you can also see her in New York City at Melrose Ballroom on August 14, 2019!