By: Taryn Newton-Gill


RAW: natural born artists is a space created for creators. It is where things like imagination, out-of-the-box thinking, and challenging the status quo are welcomed with open arms. It seems RAW’s makeup artists take this challenge pretty seriously (pun definitely intended). This week we have rounded up five beyond talented RAW makeup artists that we think should be on your radar starting yesterday. 


1. Daniel Coltor – LOS ANGELES, CA


Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Coltor started his career in Europe, working for global beauty brands Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics in Spain before taking his talent freelance in places like Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and London. No surprise, then, that his artistry radiates that European trademark sophistication that we can’t get enough of. From flawless skin to expertly diffused shadows, Daniel’s looks are always stunning, experimental, and ready to grace any magazine cover or catwalk.  



2. Tink on da Beat – ATLANTA, GA


Makeup artist Angela Murray—better known in the industry as “Tink”—is nothing short of a visionary. More often than not, Tink’s looks are a crazy blend of beat-down-beauty and avant-garde brilliance. With cheekbones that could make a star look dull and a skill for using gold leaf that is Oscar-worthy, there is no material that this innovator can’t use to create something beautiful. But don’t let all this high-artistry fool you; if you’re looking for some straight up, beat-down beauty looks for your everyday, Tink’s got you there, too. 



3. Doxology Creations – MIAMI, FL


Speaking of being beat, what would this list be without an artist who can cut a crease like a slice of freshly made pie? Leave it to a beauty queen hailing from Jamaica but living in Florida to be able to do just that. Self-taught freelance makeup artist Natalie Davis (AKA Doxology Creations) knows what it means to make a look stand out. Unafraid to use a pop of color, Natalie’s signature style is vibrant and playful, with looks that are sharp, clean, and shine with or without the flood of Miami’s bright lights. 



4. Beauty by M Clau – CHICAGO, IL


It has been said that the mark of a true artist is range (think Meryl Streep and Mariah Carey). If that’s the case, then Claudia from Beauty by M Clau is in every sense a true artist.  From natural bridal beauty, to smoky-eyed editorial looks, to dragon-scaled special effects and brightly body-painted aliens, Claudia has got you covered. Her imagination knows no bounds, and the sky is the only limit on her skills. Best of all, no matter what you’re sitting in Claudia’s chair for, you will leave it looking on point.



5. Danielle Paquette – NEW YORK, NY


Last but definitely not least, we have Danielle Paquette, a makeup artist and hair stylist who makes your average wedding day photos look like a Vanity Fair spread. No stranger to high fashion, Danielle has worked Couture Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and along side Beyonce and Solange’s hair and makeup artist Aleetha Clanton for “The Glass Slipper Wedding.” A resident of New York City, Danielle makes it her job to stay in the pulse of both the streets and the catwalks, being on top of every new trend. Want to learn to be a pro like her? Catch Danielle leading classes such as Bridal Styling and Makeup and as an educator for Paul Mitchell Academy.