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Accessories – Richmond, VA

Hello All, My name is Brittany. I self taught myself how to create wire jewelry. I started in 2014. I actually started making this kind of jewelry because I’ve always wanted a necklace like it. I went to two different malls in hopes of finding someone who made them. With no luck! Then I began to have reoccurring dreams of me going inside the malls looking. In my dreams there would be a stand, but at the stand it was everybody else’s name but mine. A few months later, the dreams started reoccurring again as I was planning to open a boutique. I went on a trip to Dolly Wood and they made the necklaces there! I was happy until I realized they wanted $70 for a necklace. I had bills of course and I wasn’t going to be irresponsible. So I’m browsing Instagram and I came across the same kind of necklaces again but there wasn’t a link anywhere for information. I took my last $15 and purchased the tools and wire I needed, made my own, and just practiced over the years. Besides creating jewelry, I’m a photographer, graphic designer, Rap, and write music. Long story short, follow your dreams! I did! Literally. ...more