Blurredink Dance Company

Performing Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood

Founded in 2015 by Anthony Languren, Blurredink Dance Company is a contemporary dance company, based out of LA, fusing inspiration from many various styles of dance and many different disciplines. While Blurredink became a physical manifestation in 2015, the mission of Blurredink first began in 2014. Blurredink's mission is to blur all the lines. We aim to question everything before/after us and be the ink that rewrites the human experience. Blurredink has had the opportunity to share works at The Lineage Emerging Artists Series, SYNTHESIS, The Mixmatch Dance Festival, Club Jete, The APA Dance Festival, Loyola Marymount University, and has even had the privilege of presenting as a special guest at the On the Edge Youth Choreography Festival. We are eternally grateful for the support received by our community and friends.