Sherard BMskill
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Music – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Born at Howard University Hospital May 18 1988 and raised in Prince George's County Maryland- KLM. Educated at Florida A&M University with major in broadcast journalism, and minor in graphic communication. I have a passion project waiting to be revealed to the right audience. I'm excited the RAW Artist audience will be the one. My bread and (vegan) butter comes from teaching visual art to DC Youth. My hobbies include: Hosting the @URLivePodcast featuring house-band @SoundOfIndigo on Working as a barber-stylist, check out @SherardNatural on Instagram Connecting with musicians artist, and singing in the choir As far as life goes… I’m very grateful to be here. Seen a lot, done a lot, been through a lot. I’m still here. The best is yet to come! ...more