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Fashion – Boston, MA

Akwasi-Oduro Boakye-Yiadom is Ghanaian Born Fashion Designer who stumbled into the industry as his very own life and daily comfort depended on it. B-O-A-K pronounced Bo-Uk derives from the first 4 letters of his last name As he is deeply rooted in his West African origins and wears it proudly. Starting off as a stylist for family and friends and working full time in the mental health industry, Akwasi was living his ordinary life in Boston, MA he woke up one day to find himself gravely Ill, only to learn at 25 years young he was diagnosed with a rare incurable heart condition called Cardiomyopathy. Immediately after surviving a stroke, and having open heart surgery, he waits prayerfully on the heart transplant list. Due to LVAD medical device implant, standing 6ft 7in now with dire medical device servicing as his artificial heart, George found it difficult to wear clothes comfortably and disguise his medical device so he quickly went to work. Supported by his loving family and friends. He taught himself a few survival stitches he fused his Passion for his Ghanaian culture, community, and designing afro trendy wear and made that his mission to create stylish bold clothing catering to the taller built man, and the vivaciously curvier woman inspiring the BOAKFUL BEAUTY within. Sizes range from small to 4XL, so there is something for everyone! Influenced by their duality of Ghanaian heritage and American lifestyle, Boak brings a refreshing attitude, authenticity, and aesthetic to the fashion industry. ...more