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So what is Body Barrier ? We are a new and innovative fitness brand This is a movement we are pioneering a change to what warming up and recovery is . Our first product is our Body Barrier Recovery Pants Our self-assisted training and recovery pants paired with our Body Barrier Recovery Packs enables a faster warm up and faster recovery. How? Body Barrier Recovery Packs have the capacity to be heated or cool; allowing for heat and ice therapy. Before a workout, place the packs in the microwave and slide each pack into their specifically designed pockets on the pants. Warm up your muscles on your way to your workout! After your workout, place the Body Barrier Recovery Packs into the pants while they are cold or frozen and start your cool down and muscle recovery! Now you can warm up and recover on the go! So more heat pads ice baths ice chambers or warm up and recover in a eco friendly and reusable and on the go system Also special news you are the first to hear this we just released youth sizes in Body Barrier Recovery Pants and Body Barrier Arm Specific Shirt for preorder (repeat) Discount code: 20% site wide Discount code: WRKHRD17 Site ...more