Film – Minneapolis

I have always wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 12 years old when I got my first camera, a Hi-8 camcorder. I would make fun silly videos with my friends in the woods and in the streets of our neighborhood. After High School, I studied film at the University of Minnesota but learned the majority of my craft through self-teaching, studying and creating on my own after college. I search for those universal truths that we all share. Those experiences or emotions that we can all relate to. For me, theme influences all of my decisions in my stories from the decisions a character makes, the subject matter, the composition, the color choices, the lighting, the sound and the music. I seek to find a harmony of all the elements that make up the moving image. All the pieces reflect back onto each other creating a cohesive and unifying piece. Above all, the film has to move me and move the audience.