Break Bread Fashion

Fashion – New York - NYC

Not only pieces of clothing but a story that is expressed through it.“We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is full of common enchantment waiting for our alchemists eyes to notice.” “Without knowing why or how, I found myself in love with this strange Wanderess. Enchantment takes you the least of imagination, its all about finding the inspiration in people, place or even a moment good or bad- Its another world that can be dark but also have this tunnel where if you go deep enough you find magical light where if you didn't go through you would be where it led. It extends beyond your comfort zone or haven, or sense of beauty, or what you personally believe suits you in exploration. a sweet whirling of ecstasy where it takes you beyond this world now that is what drives the art we create. Break Bread Fashion but a family of artistry collided into one.