Bri Mari
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Music – Cincinnati, OH

Bio Bri mari is no stranger to music. She was born into a musical family. Her mother played the flute and sang while her dad played the bass guitar in a band. As she grew, so did her singing. She came up surrounded by music often times singing at church or even in the school choir and eventually she sang in the band with her family which has all groomed her into the artist she is today. Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH she is currently one of Cincinnati’s best kept secrets. She recently dropped her first single “I’m Yours” in October of 2018 with the video that followed soon after. She has a sultry, r&b vibe to her voice. Her EP is planned to drop in the spring time in May 2019. She writes her own lyrics which are comprised from her life experiences and allowing us to see and feel the story from her eyes. Her voice is alluring,her lyrics are unquestionably vivid and her music speaks for itself! Your full attention will be required because there is nothing you I’ll want to miss. ...more