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Bryan Bear

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

I am a visual artist hailing originally from the theatre industry. My style is abstract / textured / decay / sculptural. check out my instagram gallery and website! I am a self-taught artist who found this medium after losing my dream job, and feeling lost in the world. I can never stop the creative energy, but I needed a way to cope with anxiety, depression, and that dread of not knowing what's next. I found I could get lost in the color, textures, smells, and environment that came from creating art, and it became my new happy place. I still love theatre, and when i'm ready, I hope to combine my two passions, and create something spectacular. Let's make things together! ...more

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Showcasing in Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

PREMIERE at Exchange LA (21+) – Apr 22, 2020 @7:00PM