Beauty – Winnipeg

Hey! My name is Heavenly. I’m a goofy, mushy, queer Filipina with a passion for beauty. My love for makeup goes back to my earliest memories when I would watch my mom paint her face every day, put on her scrubs, and go to work. She taught me about looking good, feeling good, and helping others feel better. I became a certified Makeup Artist through MC College and a colour consultant at one of the biggest makeup retailers in 2014. Struggling to find where I fit in this huge industry burnt me out. Fast forward a few years, I’ve opened myself up to healing, found inspiration through my experiences and cultures, and my passion for makeup was re-lit. I’m bringing back my experience with weddings and photoshoots while expressing myself through this new wave of makeup artistry. Colour is my love language, and I hope to push the boundaries of the everyday makeup look. Let's step out of our comfort zone together!