Andrew Case

Visual Art – Philadelphia

as an artist, I want to create beautiful art that stimulates the viewer to feel something real. Up until now I’ve been choosey about who I show my work to so not many people know about this artistic side of me, and because of that fact, there is this hidden motivation that lives within every piece of art that I create knowing that one day others will see a part of me that nobody knows. I thrive off of that and treat every piece of work like it is my last. I’ve always appreciated art, but growing up I never had the time to surround myself with opportunities to learn more about the personalities or important figures within the industry, and all of the wonder it has to offer. I was so continuously focused on sports to help get me into schools and to help further my education that there was no time in my day to give art the attention I wanted to. Then, while in college, I found that tattooing was really my gateway into seeing art as something more than a distant interest. At the age of 21, I got my very first tattoo. The piece is a Salvador Dali painting titled, “Christ of St. John of the Cross.” It was an image that struck me at a young age, and stayed with me over the years, to the point that I realized that it was something I wanted to own but knew the original was never a feasible option. So, a tattoo would serve my desire to see it every day.