Caylena Cahill / CC Photo & Media

Photography – New York - NYC

My first camera, an automatic film camera, came as a childhood Christmas gift and served me well, even accompanying me on my first trip to Europe. A high school black and white photography class gave me my first official introduction to my passion via 35 mm film. In college I first pursued photography as a minor, but discovered that being in the photo labs and darkroom literally gave my life meaning. After this discovery, a change of major was in order; and in 2010 I finished my college career with a BS in Still Photography. Photography is such a multi-faceted medium and allows for limitless possibilities for creation and expression. Great photographs play at the relationship between balance and tension of aesthetic rhetoric. Shooting from this perspective allows me to shoot in many contexts and inspires rigorous shooting and experimentation. I use photography to share glimpses of how I see things and to explore ideas and come to conclusions. It's an amazing tool to share information and creativity with others. Currently, I run my own photo-centric marketing company (CC Photo & Media) and host the podcast, Put a Fork In It! I am based in the Hudson Valley, NY area and serve clients nationally. My work can be seen in publications like Hudson Valley Magazine, and on official websites and campaigns for my various clients. My focus is in Food, Health, Wellness and Creativity. Elsewhere online: CC Photo & Media: website (, Facebook (, Instagram ( Put a Fork In It! Podcast: website (, Facebook (, Twitter ( & your fav podcast app Mention you found me on RAW! --Caylena Cahill