CDove  Profile Picture
Visual Art – Detroit, MI

Candace Dove is a young, female artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Art has been a major part of Candace’s life since the young age of nine. In the 4th grade she was recognized by the city of Detroit for winning an art contest. Along with being awarded a trophy and certificate by the city of Detroit, she was also awarded a tree to plant with her classmates at Winterhalter Elementary School. That moment is where her love for art grew. Dove continued to pursue her art throughout middle school and high school, but things changed when she began college. Like many artist, Candace was told “Artist don’t make any money”. Those words stuck with her so she decided to major in dentistry. It wasn’t long before she found her way back to art. At the end of her sophomore year at Michigan State University, Candace decided to change her major to Studio Art and pursue painting. In May of 2014 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Candace’s work focuses on the things that mean the most to her. She draws inspiration from women, African American culture, and music. Her medium of choice is acrylic paint because she is a fast paced painter. Her love and passion for art is very evident in her work. She is still growing and evolving as an artist everyday. ...more