Accessories – Boulder

Chaordic = orderly chaos, that’s me ;) Steampunk, vintage inspired jewelry, you can wear everyday! All my jewelry is one of a kind, so far. I use parts from all kinds of places, broken clocks, watches, vacuums, old broken cameras, and of course charms - new and old. I love to do custom orders, to use that sentimental piece someone has been saving for so many years. I spend many hours and/or days on my \"sculptures\". I can\'t tell you how many I have taken apart and rearranged until I feel it has just the right feeling. Each piece is made with lots of love and attention. The materials I use are everything from alloy, brass, Tibetan silver to zinc, recycled leather, all the crystals are Swarovski and I use many different gemstones, glass and wire. The cords I use are black braided silk, ribbon (of many colors), black velvet, black leather, braided leather (of many colors), waxed cotton, combo of materials, chain of many tones etc... many pieces have a choice of cord/combo of materials, etc... just let me know what you would like :) Thanks so much DREAM HOPE TRUST LOVE Chaoricwear on facebook