Craft – Boston

The Who: I am a practised Boston based goldsmith and jewelry designer, with a background in architecture, engineering design and gemological studies. The love and focus for my craft began five years ago after taking up a small apprenticeship in Downtown Boston’s Jeweler's Building. During this time I designed and created custom engagement rings, wedding bands and hand carved artistic pieces for clients. A few years later I began my own business with a similar focus and began to develop my own style of hand-crafted pieces. Organic elements, fabrication techniques of old world cultures and the metaphysical properties associated with precious metals and gemstones inspire my work. Jewelry featured in my collections are crafted through raw metal manipulation or wax carving techniques. My favorite metals to work with include platinum and gold. All jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind members of limited series, characterized by texture, contrasting elements, and a duel of the masculine and feminine perceptions.