Christine Daigle

Visual Art – Montréal

Art director and freelance graphic designer above all, a quest for authenticity drove me to break the esthetics of graphic design. To go from digital to organic and from pixels to pigments. The desire to create with my hands and to clear my mind turned me towards acrylic on canvas and felt on paper. Always passionate about visual arts, I thrive on the freedom to improvise, to create without control or constraints. When intuition takes over, I let the brush guide me and shades inspire me to create abstract and colourful works. I am a fan of solid and saturated colours, especially fluorescent. These shades, although capricious to print, express themselves so easily on canvas. Vivid and punchy, they create such bright and contrasting works. As for the lines of my paintings - sometimes linear, sometimes fluid - they occasionally recall vector graphics and the imperfections of the human hand. Superimposed or intertwined, the lines detach themselves from the coloured backgrounds and accentuate contrasts. A style that I have remained faithful to since my beginning, has slowly evolved. The straight lines previously in the background are now more and more often in the foreground. It is from their depth where I derive all meaning. And even after all these years, I feel privileged to have the freedom to paint and explode these three-dimensional art works. They allow me to express and share with you the harmonious colours and movements that awaken in me.