Christopher M. W. Johnson

Visual Art – Orlando

Christopher M. W. Johnson was born in Michigan in 1972. He was raised in the small village of Colon Michigan. Colon has the distinction of being the magic capital of the world. Growing up in this environment gave him early exposure and facination with the theatrical arts, thus using darkness and mystery to bring an enlightened form of communication. His father, Robert L. Johnson was an independent truck driver who travelled often accompanied by his son, exposing him to much of the country. His mother, Millie G. Johnson, was a photo journalist of professional photography. She exposed him to the creative and technical sides of photography in the photo studios and darkrooms at an early age. In the early 90\'s he was involved in a house fire that dramatically changed his life focus and outlook on the subject of death. He was burnt on the upper half of his body, and his eyes were burnt leaving him temporally blind. During this time of blindness he learned to refine his sculpting skills and learned how to draw using only touch. For a short time period he lost contact with reality, causing him to expand his creative thought process to a broader spectrum. Nearly losing his family and his own life gave him a new apprecaition of the talents he possesed and a new drive to perfect those skills.