Christopher La Fleur ARTS

Visual Art – Denver

I was born in Newport Beach, California in 1991. Throughout my childhood and schooling, I made art a refuge. Beyond the act of creating beautiful objects, I firmly believe the purpose of art is to provoke, challenge, and question. Successful art is evocative and proactive, not merely reactionary. By employing highly experimental techniques and a brash, diverse visual vocabulary, I create unique and contemporary artwork which challenges notions of identity, contemporary social norms, and issues surrounding social stigmas. Owners and collectors find new and interesting dialogues every time they view their piece, and often comment on the transient nature of the forms, colors, and textures which I create. No two pieces are ever the same, nor can they ever be duplicated by my hand. Each piece is crafted with respect for its intended context and the intent of the owner. Above all else, each piece is made with love, care, and attention to detail. CHRISTOPHER LA FLEUR IG: @Christopher.lafleur.ARTS ARTIST | CREATOR | EXPLORER