Clare Poppi

Visual Art – Brisbane

I am an artist living and working in Brisbane, Australia. After achieving first class honours in my Fine Art degree, I received an ArtStart grant from the Australia Council for the Arts which enabled me to continue to make art. In 2012 I established a studio space with three other jewellers called Bench, where I can make my pieces and have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded artists. My primary practice is in jewellery & metalsmithing, focusing on sustainable design and wearable art. My pieces ranges from jewellery which grows live grass to minimalist inspired designs using recycled metals and bio-degradable components. I arrive at these designs by experimenting with placement and juxtaposition, and using a sense of materiality to determine a resolved piece. However, this spontaneous approach is always tempered with a strict adherence to sustainable and ethical work practices, including “green” studio techniques and Cradle-to Cradle design practices. I try to constantly expand and refine my practice through further study and participation in local, national and international exhibitions. My growing pieces can be seen online at: and