Christy Bottie

Visual Art – Philadelphia

Christy Bottie Kitagawa, a local Philadelphia Painter was highly influenced by the art and culture that surround her growing up in the city. Having the Parkway as her backyard, she was exposed to the arts regularly, allowing her to discover her passion at an early age. She chose to explore painting further by continuing her education at The High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, where she a gained a solid foundation in all aspects of the visual arts. After graduating, she continued to study on her own with a focus in Surrealism. She developed a highly detailed illustrative style of painting, using an intense prismatic palette. After fifteen years of studying on her own, she felt the need for more structure, and continued her education at The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts. The education she received from Academy strongly influenced her work, leaving her with a new perspective and understanding of painting. Her brushstrokes now broad and loose, laying them down in a more painterly fashion. She uses her new found love for earth palettes to create urban influenced landscapes, architecture as well as interior compositions Currently, Christy works with a wide variety of subject matters, developing the tools she’s acquired to form her individual style. With every new painting Christy’s work evolves, exploring color, texture and new compositions.