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Hello, I'm Kaytiebug- a handmade artist specializing in jewelry (chainmaille, custom resin work, natural objects), stained glass, alcohol inks, cosplay accessories, and am a cosplayer myself. I am known for my Poison Ivy, Princess Zelda, Steampunk TARDIS, Alice from Alice in Wonderland (and beyond), Captain Marvel, and elven characters. I have made my own costumes, but since sewing machines and I are arch enemies I hand sew stuff; thus, most of my outfits are purchased or altered. I do make my own accessories and plaster on own make up. I am at Gen Con in Indianapolis every year and have expanded to smaller cons, as well as Origins in Columbus, OH. My true talent and passion lies in crafty endeavors: I have been making jewelry since I was old enough to think that beads might taste good (they do, after all, often look like candies). Since then I have taught private lessons on how to fashion jewelry, glass sun catchers/windows, etch glass, and have taken multiple workshops on how to make chainmail, costumes, and armor. I have been a co-owner of Katty Candles and Jewelry with Kat, my mom, since February 2013. Kat has been crafting candles since before I was born and we come from a long line of artists including painters, charcoal illustrators, toy makers, shoe makers, quilters, and even Native American drums and dream catchers. Together we produce candles with customized earrings and bracelets inside. I am also a traditional fine artist with skill sets exhibited in acrylic and watercolor painting, charcoal, ink, and finger painting (yes, you read that right). As previously mentioned, I am a stained glass artist, a trade I was blessed to learn in high school and have commemorated with a window into the choir room, a place I connected in, could be myself, and hold dear to my heart. I am still honing my skills in pattern making from still-life photos, but have made dozens of sun catchers, small windows (<3x6 ft), and lamp shades. I am beyond thrilled to currently be setting up an outdoor stained glass workshop. I am also a creative writer of sorts, starting with creative fiction as early as Kindergarten to primarily poetry and memoirs these days. I have published a short play ("A Cocktail Party in Purgatory"), story ("Pick Something Off of the Shelf: An Anatomical Figure"), and several poems in Indiana State University's literary magazine, "Allusions" including titles such as "Ode to Office Supplies", "Depression & Light", and "Eulogy to My Sole". While still in college, I frequented the Terre Haute Poetry Asylum at Arts Illiana to breathe words into others and intake their words into myself. I used to write song lyrics and music as well, as I was in show choir and theatre throughout junior high and high school. I was in show choir for nearly four years, regular choirs since grade school, I play the violin, and am currently re-learning the guitar. I play a part in theater arts around my community too (lately just in attendance, I'm too busy for performances). I mostly sing mezzo-soprano, but I am easily capable of singing any part. Several of my poems and blogs can be found under the "Notes" section of my artist Facebook page, or in the "Blog" section of the Katty Candles and Jewelry online store on artfire.com. On top of all my crafty and gamer nerd stuff, I love science. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Psychology (*ahem* Neuroscience) in December 2018 and currently work as an Animal Research Technician for a Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology (DART) laboratory. My research areas of interest include sleeping disorders, cognitive development and memory, and neurodegenerative disorders associated with these topics. I appreciate and am constantly inspired by all things East-Asian, especially Korean music, Thai food, Japanese style/fashion, and all of their art. I formally studied Japanese for nearly three years, Korean for two, and am currently back on the Korean-language bandwagon trying to remember all that I once knew when I studied abroad in Seoul the spring of 2017. I have lived all over, in everywhere, and nowhere across Indiana my whole life, but live off of the desire to help others increase their own quality of life whether through research, a conversation, or life-long friendship while reflecting and emulating the love of God. While shy, anxious, and self-conscious at times, I can make friends with anyone despite language, distance, experience barriers, and any other concept that has been used to divide people and may otherwise keep us from understanding one another and living at peace with all. ...more

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STELLAR at Old National Centre (21+) – Oct 16, 2019 @7:00PM