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Accessories – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

CôVALENCE is future-thinking & ultra-functional urban adventure gear designed to place you at the intersection of fashion & virtue. We rescue small batches of leftover materials from the luxury fashion industry and create limited edition threads and accessories through a renegade approach. Because no one can predict what kinds of left-over materials will be available, we are only able to make small runs of each product style, generally less than 100 units. Thus, every rag & bag is unique. CôVALENCE threads are streetwear inspired designs that reach for unparalleled durability, function, & usefulness. We like to call it Future Vintage. CôVALENCE is the brainchild of designer Patrick Janiak and climate scientist Dr. Nathan Walworth who bonded over their love of exploring, design, and the beauty of the natural world. Inspired by rugged environments and around-the-clock adventures at Black Rock City in 2016, CôVALENCE was framed around their mission to create up-cycled, durable, and ergonomic apparel for planet and people. ...more