Kalin "Cre.at.ive" Norman

Photography – New Orleans

Kalin Norman, is a photographer; videographer; graphic designer; and mixed media artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting in the summer of 2013 Kalin began working on becoming a filmmaker, with another New Orleans artist and mentor Brandan “Bmike” Odums. Since then Kalin has been shooting images and films for upwards of five years and has worked of: Know Nola Tours, Jackson State University and its Music Department, Edna Karr High School, Yadhae Fashion Company, has been featured on the fan pages of Rich Hommie Quan, and continues to freelance. Kalin currently works for Jackson State University’s Newspaper The Blue and White Flash as its Photography editor in Jackson, MS, The Sonic Boom of the South’s Media Specialist and Film/Cinematography Director, and for the amazing art exhibition Studio BE in New Orleans, La. The main purpose of all the projects that Kalin has done is to tell a story that no one would probably ever see or hear, as he feels that as an artist it is his job to tell those stories.