C. S. Pitcher
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C. S. Pitcher

Visual Art – Toronto, ONT

I was born and raised in the city of Toronto, Canada and spent my later childhood and teenage years living in the South of France, a place I now visit often. Throughout my life, the arts in general but specifically visual arts and music have enriched my everyday existence and shaped a lot of who I am. Growing up as the son of an artist, I was accustomed to watching beautiful work transform from a blank canvas into something captivating and I observed the freedom of expression that accompanies the process. I started trying to recreate that process very early on in many forms and have continued to channel that into my work as a growing artist. Over the years the pieces I create surface a lot of underlying commonalities as a particular style started to organically develop. However, I am not a proponent of being boxed into a particular style or niche. Freedom of expression should not have stylistic bounds or any other such obstacle to creating exactly what you envision and what is organically produced through the unique creative process. My desire for spontaneity and freedom in my work is what leads to a predominantly abstract expressionist style rather than deliberately producing work within that stylistic framework. Visual arts and the music of others has always influenced and provoked my own creative curiosity, I strive to deliver the same outcome to the audience of my work. ...more

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Showcasing in Toronto, ONT

STELLAR at Mod Club (19+) – 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 14 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 15 Nov 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM