Daisy Viktoria

Fashion – Los Angeles - Hollywood

Daisy Viktoria creates fantasy couture and ready to wear garments with an elegant dark flair. She strives to bring fantasy-inspired romantic ideals forward into modern fashion. From gowns and corsets to coats and separates and accessories, her clothing continues to inspire enchantment in those who wear it. Daisy Viktoria Fashion is built largely around custom orders, though some in stock items are also available. Daisy is influenced by nature, faeries, elves, fantasy worlds, and historical fashion, as well as all types of classic mythical and fantasy lore. The fairytales from her childhood have continued to influence her ideals and fashion sense, and Daisy strives to create modern garments with a touch of fantasy and whimsy. She has studied historical fashion through the ages, and its techniques have helped to bring her visions to life. Daisy Viktoria Fashion is perfect for unique individuals who want to add a bit of fun and fantasy to their lives. Every piece is sewn by Daisy herself. In addition to the garments featured in her online shop, she also takes completely custom orders, designed from the ground up, just for the client. In fact, a few of her popular designs have come to life after such requests. Whether you are looking for something elaborate for a special event or something more suitable for daytime wear, Daisy Viktoria can always do a custom order to suit the client\'s individual needs.