Visual Art – Atlanta

My journey as an Artist started in Syracuse New York where my imagination was free to roam. I realized pictures were just as definitive as words, and that\'s when the depths of an artist\'s interpretation captivated me. Like a photographers camera, my eyes became a shutter of observation capturing the life of my surroundings. During my adolescence, I was fortunate my art instructors never limited my creative curiosity. The emotions of life have always been a subject i\'ve gravitated towards. The look of an elderly person crying, an handicapped person trying to cross the street, even a homeless veteran have all inspired my works in some form to be relative to the viewer. My works capture the characteristics that are compelling to all races and genders. I was reintroduced to the world of art in 2004, after relocating to Atlanta, when asked to create a portrait as a wedding gift for a classmate. She loved it, and I fell back in love with the way art makes people feel. Since then, I have gained some exposure, been featured in galleries, and won a few awards. The most fulfulling experiences have been donating my works to countless non-profits to raise money for specific causes. I still observe life intensely, and like the kid with the unlimited creative curiosity, I am still him. I simply regard myself as a vessel for the craft of Art. That is who I\'ve always been, an Artist on a journey. Dakoro Edwards