Dalton J. Rooney

Film – San Francisco

Dalton is a Bay Area based film director and cinematographer. His films contain a mixture of personal psychological struggles with a soft-humored depiction of the human condition. His work has been recognized as very graceful and fluidic; his delicate cinematography supplements his unique sensorial narratives that often depict a surreal interpretation of space and time. Dalton’s films have been described as “atmospheric, elegant and cerebral”, and often include themes about curiosity, loneliness, love and fear; all elements that essentially define us as individuals. Dalton completed principal photography and entered post-production on his newest short film, “The Small Castle”, which wrapped November 20th. He has recently worked as a camera operator on a feature documentary about master wine sommeliers, as well as a music video for the up-and-rising Korean hip-hop artist, Keikei. He resides in San Francisco with his fiancé Ashley, where they run their production company Dingus Productions.