Dancing Dots

Visual Art – Toronto

Juanita Scerri was born and raised in Malta, a little island in the Mediterranean and moved to Toronto in 2002, where she was introduced to the dot painting technique through a very dear friend With her own appreciation for dreams, shapes and colours as well as her new interest in dot artwork , she was inspired to develop her sense of creativity which she carried, but never fully expressed. Today she is pursuing her art vigorously and exploring different ways to enhance the dot painting technique, experimenting with 3D effects and optical illusions created by different sizes of dots . The name Dancing Dots created in 2014 became the idea behind her work , bringing her emotions to life through texture When I paint the flow and the colours of the dots evoke in me a great sense of relaxation and tranquility, but also a feeling of dancing on the canvas. My goal is to keep creating and feeling happy with the hope that perhaps I can also bring joy to the viewer and show that creativity can set your mind and soul free.