Danielle Demaray

Visual Art – Boise

A multi-faceted artist, I embrace imagination through every form, whether it be graphite, oils, costume, or altered art. Life\'s complexities of emotion, nature and imagination inspire me; they are the organs of my creativity. My two-dimensional pieces embrace the Macabre and invite an inquisitive mind to ponder the dialectic synthesis of light and dark and the unyielding struggle between archetypal polarities. Each work of art becomes a representation of my soul as well as an extended metaphor for life\'s dynamic journey. My insights unfold in layers of symbolism, metaphor and whimsy; these are the key creative ingredients that comprise the windows from which I gaze upon the world. Steampunk fascinates me through its emphasis on scientific invention, fine craftsmanship, and the intersection of the elegant Victorian past with a decaying modern world. It has a deep appreciation of the intellectual, the bizarre, the imperfect, and the subcultural. My three-dimensional pieces are a manifestation of these values and an added therapeutic humor to my predisposed heavy-hearted nature. Ultimately, I create to heal my soul, and of course, to have a little fun.