Danielle Pajak
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Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

As a freelance illustrator and an aspiring concept artist, creating imagery has always been part of my life. I have been drawing since I was five years old and at one point desired to be a Disney animator. Twenty years later, my love for Disney hasn't died, but has blossomed into a love for movie concept art. I love looking at the beautiful renderings that make up the "think tank" of a film, whether it is a full featured film or an animation. Images, with all of their visual diversity of color, texture, and line, are the canvas on which ideas are expressed and concepts communicated. I desire to bring innovative and affecting ideas through the art of visual storytelling in all of my work, whether that be through the pages of graphic novels or by the light of the silver screen! "He has made everything beautiful in its time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11 ...more