Visual Art – Chicago

Welcome to my whimsical world! My name is Danielle Gross and I am a 22-year-old illustration artist. Living in the gloom of the Midwest my entire life has inspired me to create illustrations that represent the bright, magical world I long to live in. Character design, line work, experimental and nostalgic color pallets, and a whole lot of silliness is the recipe to the perfect Danielle Gross Original. I've been doodling since I came out of the womb and eventually found a love for acrylic canvas paintings as well as pen to paper work. My illustrations were taken to a new level this past year when I found a way to scan my drawings onto Procreate to be colored without physical limitations, or lack of paint. Whether I'm doodling on a napkin waiting for my food to come at a restaurant, or in the twelfth hour of an intense creation session in my basement studio, I am conjuring up something fun, goofy, and from the very depths of my soul. I truly love every moment of creating, and hope you love every moment of what I create just as much.