Danny Micheal Vaillancourt

Visual Art – Montréal

Danny Micheal Vaillancourt is a digital artist, marketer and writer from Montréal, Canada. Marketing manager/satirist for WokenNews.com, he's had work featured at Uncommon Gallery's Is It Meme You're Looking For? art exhibition in Nebraska, poetry published and digital art showcased on various platforms. Artist Website: www.DannyMedia.net Top 20 Award-Winner for 'Top 75 Satire Websites And Blogs on the Web in 2019' (Feedspot) - Danny Micheal Vaillancourt is on a convention tour where he does panels on memetic marketing and monetizing. He has also gained prominence in the horror community for his morbid and gothic art style as well for his various horror-themed parodies which usually consist of family friendly cartoons.