Fashion – Toronto

Hey there! My name is Jenan, I’m the designer and founder of DANYA. We’re a slow fashion brand based in Toronto, everything we design and manufacture is all done here in Toronto. It was important to keep our brand ethical and transparent. Our mission is to have women of all faiths connect together and find a common denominator. In this case, Modest Clothing. We all have a belief and we all have a holy place of worship. We all dress similar. We wanted to show that no matter your faith you can still dress stylish, chic but not compromise your beliefs. We noticed Muslim hijabis struggling but also Muslim girls - non hijabis, struggling to wear cute clothes but not give in to main stream fashion. So our brand provides what main stream fashion can’t. We make small batches of unique one of a kind items. To reduce waste. Once they are all sold we create new designs. The artisans that make our clothes have over 30 years of experience and are paid living wages.