Deborah Brommer

Beauty – Columbus

I attended Ohio University where I started out as an acting major and managed to participate in most areas of art before settling with a BFA in Art History. For many years I didn\'t do much with my art, but then in 2000 I went to Morocco where I discovered the ancient body art of henna. I was amazed at this beautiful and intricate art form. I brought henna home with me and started to research and practice the art of henna. After a while I started teaching henna classes to face painters at conventions, and though I wasn\'t as interested in the face painting, when I saw what the body painters were doing I was incredulous! Here was an art form that incorporated body decoration, movement, art, and theater! This was breathing sculpture! My very first body painting was at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria where I competed in the semi-pro category. I have since returned to compete 3 more times at the festival and have become completely enamored of the beautiful art of Fine Art Body Painting.