Photography – Indianapolis

Fun fact: Danielle Doepke is horrible at writing bios. I'm a Fort Wayne, Indiana based photographer who specializes in dynamic color and capturing expressive emotion and I'm passionate about portraiture, music, travel, and corgi butts. Prior to pursuing photography I wanted to be a lawyer and then a US History Teacher, so photography was a little bit of a late start but it's been one hell of a ride. I've been able to travel to NYC as my university's official photographer, be the exclusive contract photographer to lead a media team for my city's BAALS Music Festival, and I have my work on display in The Netherlands. I'm always working towards being the best that I can be and expanding my skills and growing my knowledge and just trying to find where I fit in this giant and massive world of photography. When I'm not taking photos, I spend a lot of time re-watching episodes of The Office, drinking green tea lattes, and spending time with my adorable dogs. My favorite animal is a sea otter, my favorite color is blue, and I hope you like what I do.