Photography – Los Angeles - Downtown

I have always loved to create. Most of my time in school was spent doodling and drawing. In the third grade an art teacher mentioned to my parents that I had a strong aptitude for art and they should push me in that direction. Since then art has been my main focus. Photography became my passion when I was first introduced to the 35mm SLR and black and white darkroom while taking a Commercial Art vocation in high school. At about this time my grandfather gave me my first Nikon and encouraged me to pursue photography. He also helped me finance and build my own dark room by recycling tin cans. After seeing Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, and David Fincher’s Se7en I was inspired to make film and photography my life. Finally understanding my direction, I headed off to film school. Since graduating from Full Sail University’s Film and Video Production department in 1998,  I have been working in production, post production, and my own projects and photography. I continually work to hone my skills while learning as many disciplines as possible and I always approach my craft with a D.I.Y. spirit.   I am highly influenced by film noir, neo-noir, punk rock, reggae, soul, the blues, and the historic and sociopolitical culture surrounding those genres. Striving to create strong cinematic images that tell a story, I approach my still shoots as a motion picture production. I am interested in finding beauty in dark twisted subject matter while deconstructing main stream views on pop culture and moral values.