Deidre J.

Film – Ottawa

Deidre J. is a screenwriter, director and video editor who resides in Ottawa, Ontario. She’s been working with NyCE Image Film crew for the last 6 years and has been writing since age 13 but started doing films in 2017. She has written 3 award winning shorts “Behind the Truth'', “The Unexpected” and "At What Cost?" which was an award winner in The Toronto Indie Shorts Film Festival. "At What Cost?" was also an Official Selection in the Toronto International Women Film Festival". She premiered her drama short "No Regrets" at the RAW showcase last year and is now in post productions for her 1st Canadian black drama series which is a continuation of the short film "No Regrets". Deidre has always been inspired by films that truly depict real life situations. “I am driven and motivated to create films that I know will engage or have an impact on people.” Deidre J.