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Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

I come from Mesa, Arizona. Far from the stereotypical barrenness, my youthful desert was populated with layers of wonders and creatures, some of whom only I could see. Early attempts to capture their likeness in drawings gave way to the more satisfying third-dimension of sculpture. My mixed media sculptures raise questions about identity and how we define ourselves within contemporary culture. My figurative work is an interpretation of the many facets of identity, which I address with a multi-layered approach to building form. My sculptures are a visual experience of how emotions, chance impressions and pivotal experiences mold and alter us. Recognizable and yet alien, My work traverses the landscape of my own experiences and observations. I received a BFA in Sculpture from Arizona State University in 2005, hand my MFA in Sculpture at the Academy of Art University in 2011 and an Art Education Teaching Certificate at Moore College of Art in 2013. I am currently creating and teaching art, and I reside in South New Jersey with my son and my father. ~Jen Stern ************************************************************ My fascination with and passion for photography began with my first photography class at the age of fifteen. I had the privilege of attending a half-day visual and performing arts high school, the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut. At first, I auditioned for music as well as presenting a portfolio for visual arts. I was accepted into both programs, and I decided upon the path of visual arts. At eighteen, I entered into Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. There, I was exposed to the teachings of such great artists and critics as Tom Drysdale, Elaine Mayes, Lori Novak, Fred Ritchin, Shelley Rice and A.D. Coleman. I received my Cum Laude Baccalaureate of Fine Arts in Photography from New York University. I continued to pursue my passion, and in 2015, I achieved my Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Academy of Art University. I am passionate about photography. I have been since discovering photography as a means of creative expression during my high school years. Photography encompasses science, technique, literally “drawing with light,” time, composition, emotion. I saw that photography combined everything that excited my intellect and enticed my creativity. ~D.K. Barbieri ...more