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Fashion – Detroit, MI

Detroit native and designer, DeAndrea Jones, used her unique vision for creating a brand that represented both men and women in a way where they felt like fearless queens and kings.  DesignsbyLavene is an original line hand-crafted by Jones, who turned her hobby of collecting fabric, sewing, and putting together her own fun and color-coordinated attire on a day-to-day basis, into a passion of building a fashion empire. However, a key era of Jones’ life and introduction into the elements of design, would be her time as a Bridal Consultant, where she learned more about what people wanted, and how to make them embrace their differences and appreciate inner beauty. DesignsbyLavene has showcased with the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit, Atlanta, New York Fashion Week (Spring 2019), Stylez Fashion Show, the University of Michigan’s Bronze Elegance, and more! As the journey continues, Jones hopes to broaden her designs to a national caliber and continue to inspire through complex originality and presenting beauty in fierce comfort. ...more

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Showcasing in Detroit, MI

ARISE at St. Andrew's Hall (18+) – Aug 22, 2019 @7:00PM