Destiny Stone

Music – Charlotte

June 13, 1997 at 6:40 am, my mama gave birth to me, now a 22 year old singer songwriter from Holly Springs, MS. While living and learning to love my blackness, I’ve also become an activist and actress in the last few years since I’ve lived in the Carolinas. After graduating from a residential arts school in Mississippi, I moved to Salisbury, North Carolina for college. After graduating with a degree in Popular Music, I decided to stay in North Carolina and continue pursuing my music career. I am currently an elementary music teacher where I teach K-5th grade. I really enjoy being able to share my passion of music with my students during the day while still writing songs, recording, and performing on nights and weekends. My dream is to own my own music venue that specifically provides a space for college indie artists to perform. I’ve played piano and written my own songs since elementary school and picked up the acoustic guitar in college. I’ve also produced and co-produced some tracks as well. Last year, my grandpa passed, one of my biggest fans, and I wasn’t able to attend his funeral because I was cast as the leading role in a musical as Nina Simone. Feeling like I couldn’t say good bye hurt really badly, but my family reminded me that he would not want me to miss a performance opportunity. I’ve been blessed to release 4 different projects since high school, be nominated for a Carolina Music Award, chosen to perform at the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, cast as the piano hand double in a feature film, and perform for crowds big and small. Another big moment this year was putting on my first festival in Salisbury inspired by my song “Black Girl”. June 22, I hosted the Hey Black Festival and had 200-300 people to come out. It was a day full of fun and encouragement between my fellow black and brown sisters. That was just one of the many moments I hope to re-create with my music and life as an artist.