Visual Art – Orange County

Having appointed myself as representative, I insert my own images into most of my works, personifying philosophical symbols and characters from popular culture, religion, politics, as well as those of my own devising, according myself the student and professor of life. Technically I use pen and ink for my hyper realistic drawings which can take up to 100 hours per piece, sometimes working months on a single piece. Art for me is the beginning to an abundant understanding of information and knowledge given to oneself for the necessity to become a more enlightened, spiritual, loving, compassion, and wiser individual. I create out of shear compulsion in order to acknowledge and comprehend the lessons I chose to learn. I then portray artistically in a manner that is aesthetically beautiful and emotionally satisfying for myself and hopefully to others, which ultimately could be the main focus of my work. As well as consciously creating works of art that may embrace society in a positive way and to inspire or transform the viewer.