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Accessories – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Diade Design is boundless, tectonic, and personal. It is a creative brand born of collaborative exploration and joy. The word ‘diade’ is a hybrid of the founders’ middle names. The word ‘diade’ roughly translates to ‘two crowns,’ a serendipitous meaning as they are designing contemporary adornments. Founders Alanna Gladney and Sara Silvestri met in architecture school. After a decade of professional practice, they realized they missed the process of making. In the summer of 2018, they began designing and making jewelry. Alanna is a designer/maker based in Washington, DC. She has an incredible eye for detail and a lovely sensibility about design. Sara is a designer/maker based in Brooklyn, NY. She is inspired by the city and loves experimenting with new materials. Their debut collection is a line of architecturally-inspired contemporary jewelry pieces comprised of simple geometries and a palette of neutrals and metals. Each piece is individually handcrafted in small batches. They hand mix and pour all concrete and resin elements as well as cut and finish by hand all metal components of the jewelry. Their minimal jewelry packaging is made of recycled content and is completely recyclable. ...more