DiaNoche Designs

Visual Art – Denver

Dianoche Designs Creates Stunning Pieces of Art That Double as Lights. This unique concept beautifully brings to life our Art Today — Light Tonight concept. Our Illuminated Art is the perfect night light for the nursery, your children\'s bedroom, a dark hallway, that dull living room, or any wall or space that needs radiance. Images of artists\' original works enliven a space during the day, while calming illuminated art creates ambiance at night with the flip of a switch. What sets DiaNoche Designs apart from any other wrapped art piece? The incorporation of a curved edge, a sophisticated lighting scheme and the artist’s images being visible from all sides of the illuminated art. Our Illuminated Art is built to order by hand in Denver, CO. We start with a solid Pine frame, add beautiful artwork and illuminate the art from behind. All Illuminated Art is wrapped with artisanal fabric, comes equipped with an embedded on/off switch, a 12V DC power cord, LEDs designed to last 50,000 hours and a stylish backing. DiaNoche Designs\' founders, Rachel and Erik Mathews, put a new twist on an old idea, with beautiful art and current technology creating customer appeal and a personal connection to each illuminated art piece.