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Kim Huezo is the Salvadoran Artist behind Divine Dew. She grew up in North Hollywood, CA where she discovered her connection to spirituality, art, & environmental science. Her concern for the carbon footprint of the world inspired her to create "Upcycled Crystal Jewelry" pieces. She achieves this by integrating unwanted scrap jewelry with healing crystals & designing them with her unique vision. A lot of her designs & principles are influenced by Japanese culture. Each piece is handmade, cleansed, & blessed with the intention of healing the Earth & all it's inhabitants. The goal is to evolve Divine Dew into a 100% Upcycled & Sustainable living brand. ...more

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Showcasing in Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Holiday RAWk 2019 at Exchange LA (21+) – Dec 18, 2019 @7:00PM