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Performing Art – Chicago, IL

My name is Brandon Jackson. I started dancing when I was 18 years old when I got to expose to it in college. At the time I have had no training or background in dance whatsoever, but since then I have been classically trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary. My first Hip Hop team was a college team called Kapwa Modern. From there I moved on to bigger Dance Companies such as, Boom Crack Dance Company, Chicago Onyx Dance Alliance (C.O.D.A), and The Piecemakers. Currently I dance with The Puzzle League, and Create InMotion Dance Family, which is my own Company I founded in February 2018. I dance to not only feel at peace with myself and to feel happy but I dance to inspire and motivate others to push themselves to bigger heights and new experiences to accomplish their goals, dance related or not. ...more