Doug Sroka

Film – Toronto

Doug Sroka is a versatile actor, and performer. Doug grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, where he rode horses competitively, and drove a stick-shift. Doug is very competent and confident in working with, and would be an asset on sets dealing with, animals. He has a passion for music and is a classically trained pianist of 10 years. Outside of acting, Doug is a drag performer and eccentric queer artist. As a result, he has become very skilled at makeup artistry, wig styling, and costume design. Prior to studying acting, Doug was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology to better understand the human brain. He has an interest in human emotion and development, and this has shown to benefit his acting through thorough character work. Doug completed his studies at the Toronto Film School this past year receiving Honors and earning a spot on the President’s List. He most notably performed in Andy Massingham’s production of “This is How it’s Done!” were he performed both a male role, and a female role in drag. Doug also played Happy Loman in “Death of a Salesman” under the instruction of John Tench. Doug’s favorite role was playing Lee in “Melville Boys” when he studied with Rosanna Saracino. He has grown his technical skillset in areas such as voiceover work, improvisation, and sketch comedy. He has become proficient at several dialects ranging from American Southern, to New York, General American, RP British, Cockney, and even Scottish after studying under Michael Harm. Doug has developed his confidence in film acting, having studied under the likes of Ingrid Hart and Andrew Moodie. Outside of Toronto Film School, he has also worked with John Swanbeck. Doug is a hardworking and passionate actor, who shows up and always gives 110% on set. He values the networking and connections that come with the trade and is committed to making a great impression. Doug is looking for representation to establish himself as a working actor in the industry. He plans to work in both film and theatre, and can work in commercials, voiceover work, and music videos.