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Visual Art – Detroit, MI

Drawn to Detroit is a collection of freehand drawings both original and digital prints created by Detroiter, Leah Carroll. Inspired by the city of Detroit its, history, beauty, real and raw structures. Leah started Drawn to Detroit as a result of an assignment from her Graduate Program at Wayne State University. Which you can see, became much more than an assignment. The process of creating the freehand drawings became a therapy during the grind of work and school. Redirecting her to one of her true passions. Drawn to Detroit is a way to explore the city and give reverence to the landmarks, hot spots, classics, iconic-must-visit places and so much more! Each drawing is created in real-time viewing the building and or by a photo taken of the structure in its current state. Drawn to Detroit is not only the artwork but also a representation of why many people are “drawn” from near and far to visit the comeback city and be part of its renaissance! ...more

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Showcasing in Detroit, MI

PREMIERE at St. Andrew's Hall (18+) – Jan 16, 2020 @7:00PM